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Over 27% of students enrolled at the Columbia University School of General Studies are international students or new Americans. In honor of International Education Week, we’re highlighting Columbia GS’s global community of students and alumni, our groundbreaking international dual degree programs, and the worldwide opportunities of a GS education.

International Dual Degree Programs

Through partnerships with fellow world-class universities, Columbia GS is proud to be home to an array of innovative international dual degree programs. In four years, students experience two campuses and two continents, earn two degrees, and join a one-of-a-kind dual degree community.

Worldwide Opportunities at Columbia GS

From study abroad programs, to global fellowships, a GS education takes our students and alumni all over the world.

Celeste Abourjeili ‘24GS
Celeste Abourjeili ‘24GS

Kraft Global Fellow in Jordan

From left to right, Anthony Cotanzo, Ysabella Titi, and Audrey Kost
Anthony Costanzo '23GS, Audrey Kost '23GS, and Ysabella Titi '23GS

Critical Language Scholars in Taiwan, Jordan, and Morocco

Eytan Penn '19GS
Eytan Penn '19GS

U.S. Department of State English Language Fellow in Vietnam

Dedicated International Support

Jessica Sarles-Dinsick, Associate Dean for International Programs and Special Projects

Meet Jessica Sarles-Dinsick, Associate Dean for International Programs and Special Projects

Innovative global education is empowered by our dedicated international team, like Dean Sarles-Dinsick. A leader in developing the international dual degree programs since their inception, Dean Sarles-Dinsick is also a vocal advocate and researcher illuminating the importance of global educational opportunities at Columbia and beyond. 

Meet Advising Dean Mitali Dave

Inspired by her own transformative study abroad experience as a nontraditional undergraduate, Dean Dave is passionate about empowering global education. Working primarily with GS students from Sciences Po's Reims campus, Dean Dave provides individualized guidance to help dual degree students seize all the unique opportunities of the program. 

Dean Mitali Dave

The Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students (CUSDS)

“Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty of my life in Iraq, this scholarship was the only light I could see at the end of my tunnel.” –Ronak Elias '25GS

A member of the Ezidis, an ethno-religious minority in Iraq, Ronak Elias fled her home after the Ezidis were brutally targeted by ISIS. The CUSDS scholarship, which provides comprehensive support to refugee and asylum-seeker recipients and has roots at GS, gave Elias a second chance at education.


As the Ivy League's premiere destination for nontraditional students, GS empowers access to international education through its unique dual degree programs, study abroad opportunities, international fellowships, and more. 

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Enrollment data sourced from the 2022-2023 Common Data Set