Health and Wellness

Student Support and Wellbeing

The Associate Dean of Student Wellness can assist students in distress (or community members attempting to assist students in distress) as well as make referrals to and provide assistance in the navigation and coordination of services between campus and community partners.

Appointment Availability

Health and Wellness Resources

GS students have access to a wealth of resources at Columbia that support health and wellness.

Food Insecurity Resources

  • GS Health and Wellness: GS students may email [email protected] for information and fast access to food any time of year.
  • Emergency Meal Fund (EMF):  During fall and spring semesters, Columbia University’s Dining Office offers vouchers to the dining halls on campus. For more information, email [email protected].

Student-Run Initiatives

  • The Food Pantry at Columbia: The Food Pantry at Columbia is a full-service food pantry in Lerner Hall open to all Columbia students. Email [email protected] or visit The Food Pantry at Columbia's website or Facebook page for more information.
  • CU Meal Share on Facebook (requires Facebook login): Students with excess meals on their plan are able to swipe another student into campus dining halls. CU Meal Share helps students connect and plan a swipe. Students may also post about free food opportunities on campus.
  • NYC Assistance: Visit to learn more about the resources available through Hunger Free-NYC.


Students with questions about health and wellness resources are encouraged to contact [email protected].