Premedical Clinical and Research Positions

As students in New York City, one of the foremost health-science environments in the world, Postbac Premed students have access to limitless opportunities to gain clinical and research experience at major medical research centers, superb medical schools, and the largest municipal hospital system in the United States.

If you are an employer or organization that would like to promote a paid or volunteer clinical or research opportunity to Postbac Premed and/or undergraduate premedical students, please submit our request form.

The Importance of Clinical and Research Work

Clinical and research experience helps Postbac Premed students confirm that a career in medicine is the right choice for them. Many students also find this work helps them keep their ultimate goal in sight while their attention is fixed on the immediate demands of the premedical curriculum. Additionally, experience in a clinical or research setting will make a student a more competitive applicant for medical school and demonstrate his or her understanding of the healthcare environment, compassion for patients, comfort with the “blood and guts” aspects of the work, and eagerness to contribute to the care of patients even before embarking on medical studies.

Postbac Premed Program Requirement and Committee Support

In order to be eligible for Premedical Committee support, in the form of a committee letter of recommendation, the Postbac Premed Program requires that students complete 120 hours of work in a clinical or research setting prior to submitting the common application* (usually, by the end of May of the orgo/bio year). Ideally, students will complete as many hours as possible before the orgo/bio year in order to reduce other obligations during the most demanding phase of their studies.

Students should spend at least 90 hours of their clinical and research work in settings where they are able to interact with or observe patients.

*Students are not eligible to receive credit towards this requirement until they have matriculated into the Postbac Premed Program.

Required Paperwork

Please complete the verification form upon the completion of clinical or research work.