Enrollment Update Form

Students should use this form to update their enrollment information if it differs from:

  • What was originally submitted in the Planned Enrollment Form and/or scholarship application
  • What was posted in their financial aid award letter

Students may review the information they submitted in the Planned Enrollment Form by logging into the Online Financial Aid System; however, the information may only be updated by submitting the form below. Submission of this form serves as an official notification to GS of a student's updated enrollment plans.

New Enrollment Levels

How many points will you take each of the following semesters? Please note that changes to your estimated enrollment may result in revisions to the aid you are offered.

*Note: Only make changes to the semester(s) in which the points you have registered for have changed. For semesters in which your enrollment level has not changed, please leave the field blank.

Expected Graduation Date
Tuition Exemption
Are you eligible for Columbia University employee/spouse/child tuition exemption benefits?
I certify that the information provided above is accurate.
Typing your name will be considered an electronic signature that certifies that the information you have provided is accurate. It also signifies that you give permission for this information to be retained in University files to be shared with benefactors of the School of General Studies, as well as any and all appropriate federal or state auditing agencies.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this form, please contact the GS Office of Educational Financing at 212-854-5410 or [email protected].