Transfer Students

The School of General Studies welcomes applications from transfer students. In recent years, more than 75 percent of students in our entering classes transferred credit to Columbia. There is no separate application procedure for transfer students.

For the official GS policy on transfer credit, including Advanced Placement exam credit, see the Transfer Credit page.


There is no minimum number of credits required. Students apply when they feel ready to complete the bachelor’s degree, whether that means entering with no college credit, or many previous credits earned. 

Students may transfer up to 60 credits of liberal arts coursework toward their undergraduate degree as long as the grades are C or above and the credits are considered equivalent to those offered at Columbia. Online courses taken in or after Spring 2020 are eligible for transfer.

Please review the Transfer Credit page for detailed policies.


Although no minimum GPA is required for admission, if a student has recently been enrolled in a college or university, it is expected that he or she will have performed very well (an A average or 3.7 - 3.8 GPA). It is important to note, however, that the Admissions Committee also takes into account standardized test scores, the autobiographical essay, recommendations, and high school performance. Some applicants may also be asked to interview.

Once a student has matriculated at Columbia, his or her GPA only includes grades earned at Columbia. Therefore, the GPA at graduation will reflect only those grades earned at Columbia.


High school transcripts, secondary school records, or GED/TASC test results are required from any student with less than 30 earned college course credits. Applicants with a GED or TASC and two or more years of high school are required to submit their high school transcripts.

Please note: Students admitted to the School of General Studies are required to submit official transcripts from high school as well as documentation of high school graduation prior to enrollment.