GS Students Honored at 2024 Student Leadership Awards Ceremony

On Thursday, May 9, the School of General Studies celebrated the outstanding leadership of over 100 students at the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony.

May 17, 2024

Honoring the community contributions of students, the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony provides an annual opportunity to celebrate individuals whose initiative, generosity, and commitment exemplifies the spirit of GS. Over 100 students were recognized at this year’s ceremony, which took place at Faculty House with a large crowd of students, faculty, administrators, and distinguished guests. 

“It is your dedication to each other and to our community that has helped us to chart a path forward,” said Dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch ’90GS in her remarks. “Thank you for your service, your leadership, and dedication to enhancing the experience of your classmates on campus and in our community.”

General Studies Student Council (GSSC) Vice President of Policy Savannah Shulkin presented the GSSC Excellence in Service Awards, commending the teachers assistants, professors, and administrators who have played a pivotal role in supporting GS students. Following that, GS Associate Dean of Student Life Sean Trulby announced recipients of the 2024 Columbia GS Service Award. Lastly, GS Dean of Students Marlyn Delva ‘98BC, ‘99TC, ‘13TC and Columbia Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program Dean James Colgorove ‘01MSPH, ‘04GSAS presented the awards honoring leadership excellence, with Dean Delva presenting the Change Agent, Dean’s Citation, Cambpell, and Alumni Key Awards and Dean Colgrove presenting the Spirit Awards.

Dean Rosen-Metsch highlighted in her ending remarks that, “this ceremony is always one of our most important events this year, because it brings together our most dedicated student leaders. You have each made such a positive and lasting impact on our community.” Dean Rosen-Metsch concluded the ceremony by taking a moment to recognize and congratulate the Class of 2024.

Leadership Awards

Alumni Key Award: Davey Liu and Wesley Rivera 
Awarded to a graduating senior for exceptional academic achievement and ongoing commitment to leadership and service to the School of General Studies community.

Campbell Award: Ebonnie Goodfield
Awarded to a student leader who shows exceptional leadership and Columbia spirit as exemplified by Bill Campbell ‘62CC, ‘64TC.

Dean’s Citation: Caleb Bowen, Faith Grady, and Isabella Hung
Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to outstanding leadership and service to the School of General Studies community throughout their academic tenure.

Honorary Owl Award: Anand Chitnis, Katey Eickhoff, Maria Martinez, Rachinta Marpaung, and Izzy Shimabukuro
Awarded to a Columbia student at a school other than GS who has made a contribution to the School of General Studies community through their leadership and service this academic year.

Change Agent Award
Awarded to a group of students who have made impactful contributions through their dedication to equity, inclusion, and social justice to the School of General Studies and the Columbia community.

Ara Bakhteyar, Charlotte Biocchi, Christopher Mendell, Jessica Minhas, Tahmina Painda, Raquel Ramirez, and Leah Ten Eyck

Spirit Award
Awarded to a select group of students who have made outstanding contributions through their dedication to leadership and service to the School of General Studies and Columbia community.

Simas Chacar-Palubinskas, Tom Chalamish, Thomas Dovle, Bruce Goumain, Yenchi Kuo, Robert Mulvey, Menaka Narayanan, Nasser Odetallah, Bharat Srirangam, Chris Stark, Ana Valeria Vazquez Navas, and Kat Zimmermann

Service Award
Awarded to students who have distinguished themselves this academic year with a dedication to service and leadership within the School of General Studies and Columbia University community.

Andrea Abi-Karam, Celeste Abourieili, Ashely Adams, Eliana Aiken, Logan Allen, Tala Badr, Laura Baruch, Jule Boudreaux, Kasey Buckley, Sarah Bukowski, Gianna Campa, Freida Candido, Ferdinando J. Castro Gonzalez, Lily Yu-Chia Chiu, Kat Christensen, Robert Close, Lily-Frances Cosgrove, Aharon Dardik, Jonathan Ducloud, Giany Espinoza, Bryce Fagel, Lester Falcon, Nick Feibel, Izzy Furlo, Michael Galvin, Maria del Valle Garcia Lopez, Brian Gephart, Chelsey Giraldo, Jack (Michael) Gonzalez, Weston Goodman, John Graziano, Gabriella Gregor Splaver, Garrett Gregor Splaver, Yuzhu Huang, Huiting (Angie) Huang, Madeline Hudak, Silvia Hugec, DeAngelo Hunter, Matthew Jedras, Bokyung Jeon, Morgan Johns, Abraham Johnson, Ava Kamdem, Sooji Kang, Sarah Keane, Elizabeth Kim, Aditya Krishna, Yifan Lai, Francesca Lim, Kiel Malate, Angie Maldonado Rodriguez, Altrim Mamuti, Veronica Martinez, Olivia McAlpine, Emma McCarthy, Liam McGrane, Ali Mintsa Younes, Taylor Moniz, Robert Mueller, Nedira Mustefa, Chris Nagle, Oliver Neale, Sasha Newman Oktan, Lance Niño, Tofael Nuruddin, Jennifer Odum, Rachel Papirmeister, Haea Park, Minsoo Park, Lily Penn, Valerie Pires, Joshua Powell, Shaw Qin, Gabriela Reyes, Montana Roesch, Humberto Romero-Gonzalez, Alex Rosenberg, Gabriel Safora, Raysa Schumacher, Matthew Sclafani, Kari Shafernich, Charlie Shen, Stefani Alexis Shoreibah, Savanah Shulkin, Sinziana Stanciu, Alex St-Cyr, Jene Stefaniak, Kim Tong, Sagar Trivedi, Albert Tsai, Eric Uster, Abraham Vongkhamdy, Sara Wahedi, Xuezhen Wang, Melanie Wells, Brian Williams, Justin Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Oscar Wolfe, Ally Woodard, Eden Yadegar, Eric Yu, and Lucas Yuan

GS Student Council (GSSC) Excellence in Service Awards

Awarded to a faculty member, a teaching assistant, and an administrator who have made exceptional contributions to the School of General Studies community and its student body.

GSSC Excellence in Teaching Award: Judith Russell
Adjunct Associate Professor, Political Science, Columbia University

GSSC Excellence in Teaching Assistance Award: Justin Beltran
Computer Science, School of General Studies

GSSC Excellence in Administration Award: Dave Keefe
Center for Veteran Transition & Integration, School of General Studies

GSSC Impact Award: Jose B. Traveras
Dining, Columbia University