GS Prehealth Network Program Application

Application Open: Monday, September 19
Application Deadline: Friday, September 30

The GS Prehealth Network Program is designed for Postbac Premed and prehealth undergraduate students at the Columbia University School of General Studies who self-identify as underrepresented in medicine.

September 16, 2022

Through a group mentorship-based model, the goal of this program is to provide invaluable insight and guidance to participants as they work toward fulfilling their aspirations to pursue a career in healthcare. Students will be introduced to health professional students, medical practitioners, and admissions representatives through a series of panel discussions and networking events.

Students are required to attend bimonthly 60-minute presentations, panel discussions, and workshops during the fall and spring semesters. Please be advised that the submission of your application does not guarantee your participation in the program.

Note for undergraduates: Eligible applicants must have completed at least one term of premedical science requirements at Columbia University and be in good academic standing.

Fall 2022 Meeting Dates

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