Condemning anti-Asian violence and bias

On March 18, 2021, Dean Rosen-Metsch sent the following message to all GS students regarding the anti-Asian attacks in Atlanta earlier this week.

March 18, 2021

Dear GS Students,

I am heartbroken to write to you, once again, to address a disgraceful act of racist violence in our country, this time with the horrific gun violence in Atlanta which took the lives of eight people, six of whom were of Asian descent. The United States has a deeply troubled history of anti-Asian racism and violence that has seen an alarming increase over the past year. Our Columbia GS community condemns vehemently these hateful acts. Our thoughts are with the families and communities of the victims.

Unfortunately, far too many in our GS community have experienced or have been justifiably fearful of acts of racism, discrimination, and violence directed toward them or their loved ones. For many, this despicable attack may bring memories of traumatic personal experiences. I empathize and offer my, and the support of our GS team,  now and always. Diversity is the foundation of our School and of Columbia University and we must all fight together to oppose anyone or anything that would threaten that. I will continue to work to protect that diversity and to build a safer, more inclusive community for all students.

Included here is a message sent yesterday by the Office of University Life that includes links to important resources. I have also included key contact information below. I encourage you to reach out for any support you may need in this difficult time and to check in on your friends, loved ones, and classmates.


Lisa Rosen-Metsch