208 Students Inducted into the GS Honor Society

On December 4, the GS Honor Society welcomed 208 students into its ranks in a special ceremony at Low Memorial Library.

December 11, 2023

On December 4, the GS Honor Society welcomed 208 new members in a ceremony held at Low Memorial Library. Students were joined by peers, family members, and GS faculty and staff in celebration of their exceptional academic achievements. 

Dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch opened the ceremony by welcoming guests, expressing her excitement and pride for this year's inductees and their accomplishments, and highlighting the diversity and exceptional character of the student body. “You, the students of GS, truly live intellectual lives–inside and outside of the classroom,” she said, “and you use this education to shape the world into a more just, peaceful, and beautiful place.” 

Dean Rosen-Metsch then introduced the evening’s keynote speaker, Michael Novak ‘09GS. Reflecting on his personal GS story, Novak, a member of the GS Board of Visitors, recalled arriving at Columbia as an injured dancer with a plan for GS to be the gateway to a new career field. Instead, his experiences at GS not only led him back to dance as a founding member of the Columbia Ballet Collaborative, but also set him on the path to becoming the second Artistic Director in the history of the Paul Taylor Dance Company in 2018.

“You, the students of GS, truly live intellectual lives—inside and outside of the classroom, and you use this education to shape the world into a more just, peaceful, and beautiful place.”

Dean Rosen-Metsch

Novak credited GS with empowering his success by valuing and cultivating his nontraditional expertise, and predicted similarly impressive trajectories for the evening’s honorees, saying, “Congratulations to all of you on embodying the fortitude, discipline, and passion that allows you to not only achieve academic excellence but to become catalysts in your communities and your fields.”

Among the Fall 2023 class of GS Honor Society inductees are 33 first-generation college students, 5 U.S. veterans, 85 international students, and 117 Dual and Joint Degree Program students. The ages of the inducted students range from 20 to 70 years of age, and they hail from 28 different countries. 

Established in 1997, the aim of the GS Honor Society is to gather a community of scholars who share a commitment to intellectual discovery and academic excellence, as well as to cultivate interaction among those members both inside and outside of the classroom. The only group of its kind at the University, the GS Honor Society offers various events and opportunities throughout the year for students, alumni, and faculty to connect.

Fall 2023 Inductees

Celeste Abourjeili
Joseph Aimard
Maryam Alwan
Isabella Aouad Arelle
Sabrina Appleby
Nika Balwit
Lily Barnett
Ada Baser
Oorja Batra
Ines Ben Taher
Jamie Bishop
Jay Bowling
Batu Buyukbezci
Romain Cabanes
Christopher Calabrisotto
Isabel Canalejo
Roisin Casey
Ferdinando Castro Gonzalez
Tom Chalamish
Kassey Chang
Leslie Chang
Tse Ning Chang
Airu Chen
Yijia Chen
Faustina Cheng
Makena Cioni
Ilan Cohen
Mathieu Crespel
Elli Dassopoulos
Asher Dayanim
Louis Decotte
Morgan Desfosses
Louise Desmarchelier
Nicholas DiCostanzo
Sofya Dmitrieva
Itai Dreifuss
Maya Druch
Emily Eichenholtz
Ronak Elias
Bryce Fagel
Pauline Fau
Julia Fernald
Maya Gal
Francesca Gamba
Tianzi Gao
Maria del Valle Garcia Lopez
Dean Gelling
Maxence Genouville
Ashley Goh
Bruce Goumain
Jerry Gu
Alain Guo
Peter Guo
Lilinaz Hakimi
Emil Halliday
Sang Hun Han
Tim Hartshorn
Sara Hassani
Collin Heath
Chloe Heiden
Sanae Heist
Annie Hellmann
Drew Henderson
Nick Hersh
Luc Hillion
Edward Hinson
Gabrielle Hodes
Nicolas Hong
Lea Honorat
Noah Hornett Guper
Lorenzo Ibrahim
Ivan Iturralde
Johntae Jeffries
Laura Jones
Lydia Juline
Krista Kalaj
Natalie Kaloudova
Sooji Kang
Julia Keiser
Erin Kennedy
Elizabeth Kim
Andrea Konigs
Victoria Kontsevich
Grace Kraft
Skye Kuppig
Hailey Lam
Yu Hao Lan
Lincoln Lau
Matthieu Le
Daniel Leal de Moraes Santana
Dana Lee
Lydia Lee
Su Lee
Cooper LeMone
Mason Leung
Clara Lhuillier
Ziwei Liang
Alexandra Ling
Romi Littman
Peng Liu
Andree Ljutica
Cybella Maffitt
Rodrigue Magdelenat
Senia Magzumov
Gabriel Mangum Lehmann
Glorimar Marquez
Neil Marshall
Axel Martin
Sarah Martinson
Lindsay Mazal
Alix Mazieres
Emma McCarthy
Christopher Mendell
Victor Meric
Ali Mintsa Younes
Anais Mitelberg
Emi Mizumoto
Sarah Morris
Haley Neisser
Justine Nicholson
Karin Novelia
Ariel Nurieli
Tofael Nuruddin
Astrid Obadia
Jennifer Odum
Sofia Ongele
Jason Ortiz
Traolach O'Sullivan
Kristupas Packauskas
Elektra Papathanasiou-Goldstein
Machaela Parkin
Chiara-Lou Parriaud
Monica Pedone
Ainhoa Petri-Hidalgo
Emily Petruccelli
Guthrie Petteys
Benjamin Pinchuk
Isaak Popkin
Dom Prendergast
Camden Pulkinen
Amy Qi
Raphael Rahola
Capucine Rame
Nacha Rapeerattanakul
John Raschke
Anna Rath
Isabella Redivo
Omer Reichman
Gloria Robberto
Abie Rohrig
Humberto Romero-Gonzalez
Jaeli Rose
Jonny Rosen
Katie Rothstein
Clemence Roy
Claudia Sachs
Sam Sadowski
Simone Saidmehr
Melina Sakellaris
Nathan Saldinger
Ben Sangsom
Morgan Saylor
Hailey Schultz
Raysa Schumacher
Eleanor Schwartz
Rebekah Seow
Pun Setpattanachai
Kylie Seward
Palash Sharma
Jacqueline Shen-Yi
Ilay Sheves
Moira Shoush
Orr Shushan
Miriam Singer
Christopher Sizemore
Hannah Solon
Gabriel Spratt
Sinziana Stanciu
Andrew Stein
Pema Tamang
Catherine Tamarelli
Nicholas Tan
Emily Tang
Anatta Tantiwongse
Shermaine Tay
Shane Timm
Cecile Toussaint
Rychard Tymakhovych
Lee Tzanani
Andrew Valentino-Davinson
Ana Vazquez
Matthew Vitello
Marisol Vives
Christian Vogt
Judah Wahba
Xuezhen Wang
Yucheng Wang
Emmanuel Wondimu
Luna Wright
Yun Wu
Jiakai Xu
Hanzhang Yang
Yiming Yao
Yingqi Yuan
Alex Zhang
Xinchen Zhang
Benjamin Zonshayn