Past Event

Columbia Summer Research Practicum in Global Behavioral Science

March 16, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Join UGE to find out more about the Virtual Columbia Summer Research Practicum in Global Behavioral Science. In this program, students will participate in a virtual practicum hosted at the University of Cambridge (UCAM). They will work with 20 to 30 psychology students on the Junior Research Programme from multiple universities and countries who will join the practicum, along with over 100 other research collaborators. The program objective is for students to get hands-on experience in carrying out behavioral science research, from study development to dissemination, while participating in a large, international collaboration. Specific skills to be acquired include multicultural teamwork, research design, data collection (internationally), data analysis, scientific writing, and academic presentation. Students are encouraged to engage in the publication and revision process, subject to feasibility and all contributors will receive authorship credit.

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