Pre-Professional Planning

The University offers multiple resources to assist students as they think about continuing their studies in a graduate or professional program or a specific career track. All GS students are advised to utilize the resources offered by GS Graduate School Coaching and the Center for Career Education (CCE).

Throughout the academic year GS joins with the other Columbia schools to host speakers and panels about preparing for careers or further education in fields like medicine, law, and international affairs. Announcements about these events are sent via the News and Announcements newsletter and posted on the Undergraduate Announcements page. Students are encouraged to seek the advice of the various professional and graduate schools at Columbia for information relevant to advanced studies. Most of this information is available on their respective websites, but information sessions hosted by the individual schools provide an excellent opportunity to ask questions and learn more about admissions requirements.

Graduate School Planning

Graduate school entails a significant investment of time and resources (both personal and financial) and, while the majority of GS graduates go on to earn advanced degrees, the decision to pursue graduate study requires thorough consideration and planning.

Some students find devoting a year or two after graduation to other pursuits—such as working, traveling, or volunteering—helpful in clarifying short- and long-term goals. However, many GS students return to school with a defined career path and proceed directly on to graduate school after completing their undergraduate degree.  

There are many resources on campus to assist you in the decision-making process, including your academic advisor, GS's graduate and pre-professional advisors, professors, departmental advisors, the Graduate School Coaching Program, and the Center for Career Education.

Undergraduate Premedicine Planning

Undergraduates interested in a career in health care should notify their GS advisors as soon as possible, as coursework required for medical, dental, veterinary, or other health professional schools may need to be started soon after matriculation. Students considering a premedical or prehealth track should consult with their undergraduate advisors and attend information meetings sponsored by the Premedical Committee.
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