Postbac Premed Program Advising Appointments & Walk-in Hours

The Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program Office provides advising to GS undergraduate and Postbac Premed students on their preparation to become applicants to academic programs in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, and to various allied health professions. Chief among these are program planning, clinical health care experiences and research opportunities, the application process, and Application/Glide Year Planning. Undergrads on a premedical track and Postbac Premeds who are currently enrolled in or on leave from the School of General Studies are encouraged to schedule appointments online with their assigned prehealth advisor.

Academic Support Services

For academic support services, students should discuss their plans with their assigned advisor prior to seeking support from the Academic Resource Center.

Premedical Committee Interviews

Premedical Committee Interviews assume two forms: a one-hour mandatory portfolio review with the student's assigned prehealth advisor; and a half-hour optional mock interview with a prehealth advisor other than the one to whom the student is assigned. Portfolio reviews are held in the spring semester for students who submitted their portfolios at the beginning of the term. Mock interviews are held in the spring and the fall semesters.

Appointment Procedures

Before making an appointment, students must have an active UNI and must either be currently enrolled or on leave from the School of General Studies. For general academic advising, students should make an appointment with their assigned academic advisor.

Newly-Admitted Students

Newly-admitted students in the Postbac Premed Program must select "New Student First Time Appointment" in order to schedule their first appointment with their academic advisor. Each subsequent general advising appointment should be scheduled using the "Academic Advising" appointment type.

Students must attend a Postbac Planning Session before scheduling an appointment.

Appointment Availability

Students who seek academic advising appointments should note that appointments are only listed if they are available. If none are listed for a student's academic advisor then the student should keep checking back for additional availability. 

Students who seek Academic Resource Center appointments or a premedical committee interview should note that these appointments may not be available year-round. If a category is missing on the list in the appointment system, this means that the type of appointment is not currently available.


If you are having issues with the appointment system, or need to cancel an appointment email [email protected].

Schedule an Appointment

Students may schedule an appointment through the Columbia GS Student Success Portal, or by calling or emailing our office. If you contact us by phone, please leave a message to receive a return phone call or email.

(212) 854-2881
[email protected]