Part-time, Volunteer, Research Assistant, Nutrition

February 17, 2020

Position Description
Dr. Allan Geliebter has slots available for three volunteer research assistants in his research laboratory. An effort will be made to match research assistants with projects according to preference, but will depend upon availability and schedule. Current lab projects include fMRI research in obesity, a supermarket- based environmental intervention for eating behavior and obesity, and the effects on hormones due to eating behavior. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Participating in various research projects 
  • Drawing and processing blood 
  • Publishing research articles or abstracts 
  • Conduct poster presentations at conferences 

Time Commitment
Part-time, 12-15 hours per week with a two semester commitment. Preference will be given to applicants who plan to continue into the summertime, particularly preference for any job openings in the lab.  


Please include a resume if not including a cover letter. Please email your phone number and tentative fall schedule/availability to the lab's research coordinator, Atene, at [email protected]