Full-time, Paid, Technician B, Pediatric Research

December 5, 2022

Mon., Oct. 24

The Gartrell Lab, Columbia University Department of Pediatrics

Position Description
The Gartrell Lab is seeking an individual to fill a full-time Technician B position on their team. Dr. Gartrell is a physician-scientist who is committed to mentoring young aspiring scientists and physicians in the fields of immuno-oncology, clinical trials, translational research, and pediatric medicine.

The laboratory focuses on applications of precision medicine and immunotherapy in childhood cancers, as well as evaluation of the tumor immune microenvironment (TIME) to identify predictive biomarkers for benefit of using these therapies. More specifically, they analyze immunogenomic data and tissue from pediatric brain tumors and other solid tumors and perform image analysis of the TIME evaluating location and phenotype of immune cells in and around the tumor to identify patterns that determine clinical outcome.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the PI in the conduct of research of significant value in the basic and/or translational science area
  • Collaborating with researchers, external agencies and institutions to develop cooperative research initiatives around immunotherapy for pediatric brain tumors or solid tumors
  • Promoting free discussion, research progress, and overall morale
  • Ordering and maintaining inventory, organizing reagents, cleaning and maintenance of incubators, cataloguing frozen samples, maintenance of log books, as well as drafting, updating and organizing SOPs
  • Working professionally with other staff, students
  • Preparing and editing manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals
  • Assisting in composing/developing applications for grants/contracts for funding of research projects
  • Performing studies, processing tissue and analyzing techniques including but not limited to RNA, DNA, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and flow cytometry
  • Working to develop methods to use antibodies to phenotype immune infiltrates in tumor tissues.
  • Maintaining records of experiments and with ordering supplies.
  • Working with mouse models of brain tumors, including surgery and radiation of mice as well as breeding and colony maintenance
  • Performing experiments and data analysis independently with guidance from the PI regarding project development. It is important for the candidate to learn independently and have attention to detail.
  • Performing statistical analysis and interpret study results of genomic and multiplex data using R and other statistical tools, with guidance from the PI and collaborators.
  • Preparing samples for gene sequencing, tissue construction, maintenance of cell cultures, preparation of reagents, and keeping a meticulous record of experiments.
  • Performing other related duties necessary to the function of the laboratory

Position Requirements

  • Prior laboratory experience as well as familiarity with computer programming is a plus

Time Commitment
Full-time (40 hours/week), with a commitment of two years.


To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to Dr. Robyn Gartrell.