Full-time, Paid, Technical Assistant, Cancer Research

February 1, 2023

Thurs., Feb. 9

Start Date:
Spring/Summer 2023

Weiskopf Laboratory at Whitehead Institute

Position Description
The Weiskopf Laboratory at Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, MA is looking to hire a technical assistant. The technician designs and performs bench-level experiments and independent research projects to support the scientific research objectives of the lab.

The Weiskopf laboratory studies the interaction between cancer and macrophages, cells of the innate immune system that can engulf and destroy pathogens via phagocytosis. Macrophages are often the most common infiltrating immune cell within tumors, and they can comprise up to 50% of the cells within a solid tumor mass. Recent studies have demonstrated that macrophages can eliminate cancer cells when provided with an appropriate stimulus.

The lab aims to: 1) Identify the genes and signaling pathways that regulate macrophage activation against cancer; and 2) Develop therapies that stimulate macrophages to attack and eliminate cancer. Since macrophages play a role in nearly all states of pathology, findings could have broad implications for a diverse range of cancers and many other states of disease.

Responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing experimental data
  • Addressing methodological problems in experimental protocols
  • Reporting data to the supervisor
  • Conducting laboratory tasks and organization to ensure the smooth operation of the group
  • Using discretion in prioritizing and organizing workflow and in optimizing methodologies and results
  • Performing in vitro experiments with primary immune cells and cancer cell lines
  • Performing experiments using mouse models of cancer including treating and analyzing mice
  • Analyzing experimental results and troubleshoots methods to improve research protocols
  • Consulting scientific literature and other resources as needed
  • Documenting, compiling, and reporting data to the supervisor in oral and written form
  • Independently operating and maintaining laboratory equipment, including contacting service providers for routine maintenance and repairs
  • Placing orders for general lab consumables and maintains stocks of necessary reagents, and supplies
  • Contributing as a co-author on publications arising from research
  • Other tasks, as assigned

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in biology or a related field
  • At least one year of experience and/or coursework in a biomedical research laboratory
  • Proficiency in basic lab techniques and principles of molecular biology
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, strong organizational skills
  • Knowledge of various scientific databases and publications

Time Commitment
Full-time, with a minimum two year commitment


To apply, please visit the website to submit an application. Any questions may be directed to Kipp Weiskopf, MD, PhD.