Full-time, Paid, Research Technician, Genetics

July 28, 2022

Thurs., June 16 

Meyerowitz Lab, Caltech

Position Description
The Meyerowitz lab at Caltech is seeking a research technician to work as a part of a small team to pioneer molecular genetics of a seaweed, Caulerpa. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Extracting RNA, working with RNA, and maintaining a clean, RNase-free environment on the bench
  • Cloning genes, promoters, terminators, and antibiotic resistance genes. Designing, codon-optimizing, and building over-expression constructs using Gibson assembly, Golden-gate assembly, and traditional cloning methods (i.e., using restriction enzymes)
  • Performing site-directed mutagenesis when unwanted mutations are detected in your constructs
  • Performing transformations of delicate algal specimens using biolistics, carbon nanotubes, injections, or bacterial vectors, and screening for transformants at single micron resolution using confocal microscropy and FLIM microscopy
  • Using reverse transcriptase PCR & Western Blot to check for transformation success
  • Performing library preparation
  • Making stocks and solutions, including artificial seawater
  • Maintaining colonies of algae, and responsibly dispose of algal waste

Position Requirements

  • Four-year Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering degree or equivalent experience
  • Previous biological wet laboratory experience with molecular biology training
  • Previous RNA work and previous success with in situ hybridization a plus
  • The ability to build sequencing libraries a plus
  • Previous experience with algal genetics and algal molecular biology a plus

Time Commitment