Full-time, Paid, Medical Assistant, Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

March 22, 2022

Tues., Feb. 8

The Sports Medicine Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery

Position Description
Orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Sabrina Strickland and Dr. Andreas Gomoll are seeking a research assistant for the Sports Medicine Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Their research mainly involves patellofemoral disorders such as osteoarthritis and patella instability.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing and maintaining research databases with guidance from Principal Investigator and/or statistician
  • Performing data collection and data entry for studies as requested
  • Scheduling and conducting subject interviews, follow-up visits, and phone calls to obtain data as per protocol
  • Ensuring accuracy when transcribing data from data collection sheets, medical records, or electronic institutional databases, or other source documents into databases.
  • Performing or helping to facilitate informed consent procedures following all regulatory guidelines
  • Participating in protocol development in collaboration with Principal Investigator and co-investigators
  • Conducting literature searches; actively participating in development meetings; reviewing and editing protocol document; preparing study initiation documents
  • Preparing initial drafts of protocols and manuscripts as requested by the Principal Investigator or Assistant Director, Research
  • Performing IRB submissions for initial approvals, re-approvals, amendments, etc.
  • Preparing, submitting, and filing IRB and all regulatory documents, i.e., data collection sheets, protocol amendments, protocol deviations, adverse event forms, etc.
  • Preparing information required for reports to research administration as needed
  • Ensuring that all research-related regulatory, institutional, and departmental compliance requirements are met as appropriate
  • Conducting statistical data analysis and preparing statistical graphs and tables in preparation for research presentations, abstract and manuscript preparation, or other publications as requested by the Principal Investigator
  • Providing timely progress reports (especially regarding enrollment) for each research project at regular intervals determined by the Principal Investigator
  • Preparing and maintaining orderly files for all research studies, including electronic and hard copy paper files in regulatory binders. Works closely with HSS internal monitor for guidance on these activities
  • Assisting attending MDs with academic tasks, such as preparing PowerPoint slides and conducting literature searches for presentations as requested
  • Handling, packaging, and shipping dangerous goods under supervision and in compliance with State and Federal regulations. These specimens may include tissue, blood, dry ice, and chemicals. Federal Regulations require certification in these procedures. Knowledge of good clinical practice for the handling of specimens and blood may be required.
  • Maintaining and enhancing professional growth through participation in seminars, professional affiliations, and internal training sessions to keep abreast of trends in research and the field of sports medicine

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Clinical research experience a plus
  • Proficient use of computers and software, including Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Scientific background and experience with statistical and citation management programs preferred

Time Commitment
Full-time, with a two-year commitment preferred. 


To apply, please send an introductory e-mail with a cover letter and CV to Paige Hinkley