Full-time, Paid, Administrative Assistant, Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics

November 19, 2020

Thurs., Oct. 8

Position Description
The Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics is seeking an administrative assistant. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance administrative skills and to gain experience in an Academic Medical Center.

Responsibilities include:

  • Acting as liaison between the Chair and the University financial teams; ensure proper budgeting and spending of Chair’s grant portfolio.
  • Organizing meetings and special seminars
  • Assisting with correspondence
  • Facilitating communication between the Chair and faculty candidates
  • Serving as the main point person for coordination of faculty candidates
  • Serving as the main point person for departmental communications and updates
  • Updating and maintaining the department website
  • Moderating of social media presence for the department
  • Coordinating of departmental newsletter
  • Acting as liaison between the Department Administrator and the University Human Resource teams
  • Ensuring compliance with departmental and University policies and procedures.

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree

Time Commitment
Full time (35 hours per week) or Part time (20 hours per week)

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected]