Part-time, Volunteer, Research Volunteer, Microbiology and Genetics

May 20, 2022

Fri., April 8 

The Rothstein Lab at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Position Description
The Rothstein Lab is undertaking a project focused on nonstructural protein 14 (nsp14) of SARS-CoV-2, a viral RNA capping enzyme shown to be critical for replication. The project is currently led by a Columbia Postbac student working full-time and assisted by a Columbia undergraduate student working part-time, and the lab is seeking a new student volunteer to take over this project from its current lead. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Receiving significant hands-on training from the project lead prior to his departure, but expected to work independently after this time
  • Leading all aspects of the scientific discovery process, from literature review to experimental design to data collection and analysis
  • Submitting of a paper for publication
  • Maintaining regular communication with the principal investigator to ensure consistent progress

Position Requirements

  • The candidate should be a Columbia University Postbac Premed student or an undergraduate with a Biology-related major and should have taken Intro Biology I at a minimum (encompassing basic biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology)
  • The student is expected to be a resourceful self-starter, having the ability to take initiative with little direction and learn on their own
  • The student will be expected to read scientific literature to build their subject matter knowledge and guide their decision-making
  • Previous microbiology lab experience a plus 
  • All classes are welcome to apply

Time Commitment
Part-time, 25 hours per week during the summer and 16 hours per week during the school semester. Minimum commitment of 4-5 months. Start date is as soon as possible. 

Interested students should email their resume to Nandan Vithlani