Part-time, Volunteer, Research Position, Memory Research

June 22, 2022

Wed., May 11

Organization ​​​​​​
The Siegelbaum Laboratory at Columbia University

Position Description
The Siegelbaum Laboratory at Columbia University is seeking to hire an undergraduate student for a research position working on topics around memory as encoded by the hippocampus and in particular on social memory - the capability to recognize one's conspecifics.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working on various aspects of the project such as in the implementation of behavioral paradigms, the analysis of video material recorded during the behavioral paradigms, immunohistochemistry and other experimental aspects of the project.
  • Conducting data analysis, for instance to assess the expression of early immediate genes or to quantify behavioral markers of fear expression.

Position Requirements

  • Prior lab experience is a plus

Time Commitment 

To apply, please reach out to Pegah Kassraian outlining your research interests and previous experiences of relevance.