Part-time, Volunteer, Clinical Research, Psychology and Nutrition

November 14, 2019

Position Description 
The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is seeking two volunteer research assistants for a supermarket-based environmental intervention for eating behavior and obesity in the Department of Psychology. Co-authorship of abstracts, posters and peer-reviewed journal publications is encouraged. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Recruiting participants for studies (in-person at supermarkets [travel is compensated] and over the phone)

  • Performing dietary recalls with participants

  • Conducting study visits in the hospital

  • Processing blood and urine samples for analysis

  • Assisting with other organizational study tasks

Position Requirements:

  • Must be a senior 

Time Commitment 
Part-time, 8 - 10 hours a week, except during exam periods; with a minimum commitment of two semesters. 

Unpaid; travel to research locations is compensated. 

Please email a resume and cover letter to the lab's research coordinator, Atene. Please also include your phone number and a tentative schedule/availability.