Part-time, Paid, Ophthalmic Aide, Ophthalmology

September 20, 2021

Mon., Aug. 9

Columbia University Irving Medical Center Department of Ophthalmology

Position Description
The Columbia University Irving Medical Center Department of Ophthalmology is looking for an aide to join their team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring point of entry for clinics and ensuring overall compliance to patient safety protocol and social distancing at point of entry and/or mixed use areas such as elevators and stairwells. This includes, but not limited to, masks or other personal protective equipment and hand hygiene materials, patient density, and furniture/seating arrangement or any area where patients are required to wait.

  • Providing instructions to patients in a manner that facilitates patient safety and standard operations for the practice.

  • Assisting provider with patient flow, bringing patients in and out of exam lanes and in and out of exam chairs. Ensuring that all testing previously ordered has been completed prior to escorting patient into the exam lane. If tests have been completed and require a review/Interpretation, bringing tests up on computer.

  • Driving awareness of pre and post visit processes and self-services in place to minimize density and unnecessary patient-staff contact.

  • Arranging assistance for those patients who require help upon entering or leaving the (department). Working with patients or caregivers to arrange assistance in a timely manner and is aware of individuals coming in and out of the (department) to arrange assistance when needed or requested.

  • Promoting customer satisfaction by responding to patient concerns promptly, displaying a positive attitude in interactions with staff, patients and family members.

Position Requirements

  • Associates degree

  • Willingness to travel

  • Knowledge of basic medical terminology

Time Commitment
Part-time, with a minimum commitment of 1 day per week.

$18 per hour.

Please email your resume to [email protected].