Part-time, Paid, Ophthalmic Aide, Ophthalmology

September 20, 2021

Mon., Aug. 9

Columbia University Department of Ophthalmology

Position Description
The Columbia University Department of Ophthalmology is seeking a part-time aide to assist in a variety of functions. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting physicians with patient flow, data entry, and bringing patients in and out of exam lanes and in and out of exam chairs.
  • Escorting patients to testing, waiting area, surgery scheduling or front desk check-out.
  • Ensuring patient flow is smooth and efficient.
  • Retrieving samples and medications for provider as directed.
  • Rotating between sites.
  • Alerting site manager and/or lead technician of any problems/issues impacting patient flow.
  • Ensuring that all testing previously ordered has been completed prior to escorting patient into the exam lane. If tests have been completed and require a review/interpretation, bring tests up on computer. Assisting in lasers, injections and other in-lane procedures under the direction of the physician.
  • Providing patient education as directed by the provider.
  • Checking the status of patients in the testing process as requested by the provider.

Position Requirements

  • Must have a Bachelor's degree. 
  • Must be willing to travel. 
  • Must have a knowledge of basic medical terminology. 

Time Commitment
Part-time, with a minimum of 1 day per week. 

$18 per hour

To apply, please send your resume to Bonnie Wang.