Part-time, Paid, Healthcare Assistant/Practice Growth Manager, Metabolic Health

February 18, 2020

Position Description
SoWell Health, a personalized, cutting-edge weight loss and metabolic wellness membership medical practice, is seeking a motivated candidate with a strong interest in the intersection of health and business to fulfill the unique, hybrid role of healthcare assistant and practice growth manager. This is an opportunity to work side-by-side with a physician in a highly collaborative environment to develop fundamental healthcare skills with limitless opportunities for growth.

This position also provides access to ongoing training, courses, and resources for the successful candidate to continually develop their skill sets and knowledge, as well as the opportunity to work with Dr. Alexandra Sowa to publish new medical research, including presentations and abstracts, and potentially attending conferences. 

Responsibilities Include 

  • Scheduling appointments, guiding patients through the registration process, helping to obtain medical records, and responding to patient emails and calls
  • Serving as representative of the company with insurance companies and pharmacies, working on prior authorizations and record inquiries
  • Accepting patient payments and managing office inventory
  • Helping to develop systems that allow the office and patient experience to be as effective as possible
  • Providing in-office clinical support, including performing and documenting vital signs, performing body composition analysis, performing EKGs and non-blood specimen collection
  • Following up with patients to encourage making timely appointments, reminding them to upload exercise/food diaries, and quickly check in on progress
  • Updating content calendar and posting to social media on behalf of SoWell Health
  • Overseeing and developing content for monthly newsletters
  • Helping to develop health and nutrition content for the practice

Position Requirements

  • Bachelors degree or commensurate experience
  • Interest in preventive medicine and business development 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be highly self-motivated, with the ability to work on tasks without direct oversight

Time Commitment
Part-time (25-30 hours per week)

TBD (salaried, with 6 major holidays off and 2 weeks of paid vacation)

To apply, please email your C.V. and cover letter to [email protected].