Full-time/Part-time, Volunteer, Research Technician, Cancer Immunotherapy

December 14, 2022

Wed., Nov. 2 

Obradovic Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Division of Experimental Therapeutics, Columbia University
Medical Center

Position Description
The Obradovic Laboratory is recruiting undergraduate students interested in cancer immunotherapy research. The lab’s over-arching research goal is to identify mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapy treatment and prioritize combination-therapy approaches to overcome these mechanisms. To do this, they develop computational tools for analysis of large-scale single-cell and multi-omic data, and for drug sensitivity prediction. This work builds on multiple datasets of bulk and single-cell RNA-Sequencing as well as multi-omic studies across clinical trials of immunotherapy in kidney, prostate, head and neck cancer, as well as other tumor types. 

The lab maintains close connections to clinical collaborators running immunotherapy trials at Columbia, Fred Hutch, and MSK—very much geared toward translational research and ideal for students with interest in pursuing a physician-scientist career path.

Successful applicants who are interested in presenting their work at local and national conferences will receive help facilitating such opportunities.

This position is largely remote, with weekly in-person lab meetings.

Position Requirements

  • Quantitative background and familiarity with the R programming language a plus

Time Commitment
Full-time summer rotation or part-time during the semester.

To apply, please reach out to Dr. Aleksandar Obradovic for more information.