Full-time, Paid, Research Technician, Transplant Immunology

June 18, 2021

Wed., May 7

Position Description
The Van Den Brink Laboratory of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is seeking a research technician.

Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing laboratory equipment, instruments, solutions, stains, assays and other supplies
  • Participating in culture and/or cell separation methods; electrophoretic separations: assays (e.g., RIA, TIA, ELISA); basic biology or other specialized science techniques
  • Operating lab equipment.
  • Participating in animal handling requiring injection of animals, collection/harvesting of tissues, fluids; animal autopsies in order to make chemical identification and conduct analyses
  • Providing assistance with other ongoing research for peers and research personnel
  • Performing vital analysis and calculations, records data and writes reports on research findings
  • Producing reports comprising of the requested statistics for the study
  • Purchasing equipment and materials for the laboratory.

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree with a STEM major (Biology, Chemistry) or relevant laboratory experience

Time Commitment