Full-time, Paid, Medical Assistant, Pain Medicine

March 3, 2023

Fri., Jan. 20 

The Interventional Pain Management Office of Dr. Mathew Lefkowitz, MD

Position Description
The Interventional Pain Management Office of Dr. Mathew Lefkowitz, MD is seeking a medical assistant to work directly with the doctor, a group of medical assistants, administrative staff, and patients. By interacting directly with patients, assistants learn about anatomy, symptomatology, and pharmacology as related to pain medicine and management.

Responsibilities include:

  • Taking accurate and thorough histories, assessing vital signs, and assisting with various interventional pain management procedures
  • Organizing patient appointments, assisting with chart notes, communicating with other doctors and healthcare professionals, and helping to manage varied facets of insurances
  • Becoming familiar with the electronic health system and how technology integrates with patient-care

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree and the successful completion of premedical coursework or a post-baccalaureate premedical program
  • Intention to matriculate into medical school in/after Fall 2024
  • Completion of the MCAT or an anticipated test date
  • NYC locals and Spanish speakers will be prioritized
  • Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Time Commitment
Full-time, Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., with a one-year commitment. 


To apply, please send a copy of your CV attached as a PDF and include a brief letter expressing your interest in the position with a summary of your availability to the following email address: [email protected].