Full-time, Paid, Grants Coordinator, Infectious Diseases

February 25, 2022

Fri., Jan. 14

The Department of Infectious Diseases at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Position Description 
The Department of Infectious Diseases at Albert Einstein College of Medicine is seeking a grants coordinator. The Grants Coordinator will work with Dr. Coyle to inform members of the Bronx West African community about the COVID-19 vaccine and local resources. The Grants Coordinator will also assist with related projects on malaria and IV artesunate supported by Global TravEpiNet, a national network of travel clinics across the United States.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Coordinating development of educational materials and provide at-risk patients with information
  • Supporting additional educational efforts as needed, which may include coordinating virtual
    symposiums and other teaching sessions at local faith-based organizations
  • Scheduling regular meetings and prepare minutes for the PI, for facilitation of grant activities with
    various primary care clinics throughout the Bronx and Queens
  • Organizing and maintaining financial data as it pertains to the grant
  • Coordinating materials for dissemination amongst the referral hospital (Best practices, malaria diagnostics, etc.)
  • Booking venues, creating and sending invitations, creating agendas, and creating minutes for reports.
  • Overseeing focus groups, collate data and ensure feedback and actionable items
  • Creating universally accessible educational materials for the community

Position Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Pre-health or public health curriculum a plus
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office. May use other web-based programs as assigned.
  • Ability to check applicable policies and procedures
  • Employee may work weekends and/or evenings depending on preference/flexibility

Time Commitment


If interested, please send your CV and optional cover letter to Annemarie Tehnaddy. Only PDF documents will be accepted titled as FirstNameLastName_CV and FirstNameLastName_CoverLetter.