Full-time, Paid, Computational Researcher, Pathology

October 13, 2021

Wed., Sept. 1

The Ansuman Satpathy Lab

Position Description
The Ansuman Satpathy Lab at Stanford School of Medicine is seeking a computational research professional. The lab aims to apply cutting-edge immunologic and genomic technologies to study the immune response to cancer, and to design the next generation of cancer immunotherapies for patients. The researcher will work closely with members of the lab to develop and apply existing and new computational methods to genomics and immunology technologies. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Planing approaches to analyze large-scale biological data, including single-cell multi-omic data
  • Conducting computational experiments and analyses and maintaining  detailed records of experiments and outcomes
  • Applying the theories and methods of a life science discipline to interpret and perform analyses of experiment results; helping to suggest modifications to procedures and protocols in collaboration with a senior researcher
  • Reviewing literature on an ongoing basis to remain current with new procedures and apply learnings to related research
  • Contributing to publication of findings as needed
  • Participating in the preparation of written documents, including procedures, presentations, and proposals
  • Assisting with orientation and training of new staff or students on computational protocols and best practices

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in quantitative field, life science discipline, or related field
  • Fluency in a programming language for biological data science analyses, including R (preferred), Python (preferred), Julia, C++, Perl, and/or Matlab
  • Basic knowledge of the unix command line environment is required. 
  • Knowledge and experience in any of the following fields: immunology, molecular biology, cell biology, genomics, or related biology and bio-engineering fields
  • Demonstrated ability to apply theoretical knowledge of science principals to problem solve work
  • Ability to maintain detailed records of experiments and outcomes
  • General computer skills and ability to quickly learn and master computer programs, databases, and scientific applications
  • Ability to work under deadlines with general guidance
  • Excellent organizational skills and demonstrated ability to accurately complete detailed work

Time Commitment


Contact Vincent Liu with any questions.