Full-time, Paid, Clinical Research Coordinator, Psychiatry

February 17, 2020

Position Description
The Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry is seeking a full-time clinical research coordinator with computer programming/engineering experience to assist with the operation of several ongoing research studies as well as future studies. The focus of this job will be recruiting, enrolling, and working with chronic pain patients and healthy adults for several NIH-funded projects employing neuroimaging and neurostimulation to understand the mechanisms of pain processing and placebo effects.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Recruiting new subjects into the study on an ongoing basis

  • Researching and initiating new places and sources for subject recruitment

  • Conducting phone screening of potential participants

  • Coordinating subject study visits

  • Scheduling study sessions

  • Using online calendars and software to coordinate the scheduling regarding availability of testing rooms, MRI scanners, and other equipment

  • Coordinating meetings and testing sessions with study personnel

  • Organizing supplies and paperwork needed for the study sessions

  • Assisting with study MRI sessions

  • Accompanying participants to MRI sessions and helping them get and remain comfortable in the MRI environment

  • Operating the MRI scanner and other study devices

  • Performing administrative support duties as required

Position Requirements

  • Previous experience with MATLAB, NeuroBS Presentation, or E-Prime is a plus.
  • Previous experience with data analysis and or/computer programming required
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Experience with computer programming
  • Familiarity with a UNIX environment
  • Working knowledge of data management program 

Time Commitment


To apply, send a cover letter and CV to [email protected]