Full-time, Paid, Clinical Research Assistant, Anesthesiology

October 30, 2019

Position Description
The Columbia University Medical Center's Department of Anesthesiology is seeking a clinical research assistant to help with clinical studies. The main studies will involve measuring urine flow in cardiac surgical patients during and after surgery and testing vital sign monitors during surgery. Other clinical studies of the principal investigator will also need to be supported.

Responsibilities include:

• Obtaining patient consent (usually early morning)
• Collecting vital signs and interventions in collaboration with the anesthesiologist
• Collecting data during and after surgery and managing data

Position Requirements

• Strong interpersonal skills
• Highly organized
• Ability to work independently

Time Commitment
Full-time; 30 - 40 hours per week. Due to its dependence on surgery schedules, this job will require the applicant to be flexible with regard to work hours. Subjects may be recruited and studied mostly early mornings but possibly at any time. Ideally this should be for student during their glide year or students taking some time off.

While this is an exciting opportunity for direct patient contact, exposure to the operating room and intensive care units, as well as possible publication, students are advised to consider their availability carefully before applying. 

$15 per hour 

To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to Dr. Gebhard Wagener