Employer Request Form: Clinical and Research Positions

Thank you for your interest in Columbia University Postbac Premed Program students. Please fill out the following form in its entirety to request that a position be listed on the Postbac Premed Program website; required fields are denoted by an asterisk. The listing will be posted until the application deadline or two months from the posting date, whichever comes first. If the position is filled prior to the deadline or the two-month period, please email [email protected] to have the posting removed.

Please Note: The position will be posted on the Postbac Premed website within two business days after submission.

Request Form: Clinical and Research Positions

Please describe all position duties and responsibilities, as well as the reporting structure.

Please list the hourly requirement per week if applicable); days and times required (if applicable); and semester/yearly commitment (if applicable).

Please list the salary and benefits (if appliable) of the position.