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Throughout the year, academic departments hold events for students to learn more about specific majors and programs as well as offer unique academic opportunities.

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Spring 2022 Departmental Updates

Students are encouraged to review an overview of the Department of Religion course offerings for all three upcoming terms, to help students as they make decisions and plans for the academic year ahead.

In addition to semester-long (14-week) course offerings, the Department of Religion will also offer 7-week “immersive courses.” These courses will cover a semester’s worth of material in a shorter period of time and will meet for twice as many hours per week, allowing more contact between faculty and students and more sustained focus on the class content. They will be offered in either the first half of a semester (e.g., Fall A, Spring A, Summer A) or in the second half of a semester (e.g., Fall B, Spring B, Summer B).

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Spring 2022 Opportunities

The Columbia Law School Office of Admissions will waive the $85 application fee for any undergraduate student currently enrolled at Barnard College, Columbia College, Columbia School of General Studies, or the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. Please email [email protected] to request the waiver.

The request should include your UNI and the school at which you are currently matriculated. After receiving the request and confirming their status, we will email you with a fee waiver code, which must be entered before the application is submitted. Please note that if you pay the application fee prior to requesting and receiving the fee waiver code, then they are unable to award the fee waiver retroactively.

Spring 2022 Departmental Involvement

The Center for Mexican Studies was founded in 2013 and is overseen by Claudio Lomnitz, a Campbell Family Professor of Anthropology. Its mission is to develop a premier educational and research platform at Columbia from which “Greater Mexico” can be studied, thought, and imagined. It is committed to playing a lead role in the challenging process of re-thinking.

Columbia’s new Center for Mexican Studies is committed to the study of Mexico and the United States as a profoundly interrelated space. As the only Center for Mexican Studies in an Ivy League school, The Center for Mexican Studies (CMS) is the only department dedicated exclusively to research and promote open discussion on Mexican affairs in New York City and the United States.

Their academic mission is to stimulate research and debate, create public programming, build bi-national research capabilities, and provide support for students.

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  • Twitter: @CMEXCU
  • Facebook: Center for Mexican Studies at Columbia
  • Instagram: @columbiamexicanstudies